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in “Business Teaching Center”:
in groups or one to one; face-to face / online

What is corporate study? – This is the format of training, where our teachers come to your office and train your employees either in groups or individually. If your employees are in different offices of Kiev, our teachers can come to different offices. If your employees are located in different cities of the country or even the world, and for this we have solutions: online classes using Skype with a course supported with the Cambridge online platform.

What do we offer to corporate clients?

Free testing of the level of foreign language skills of your employees

  • A range of training programs / courses of a foreign language depending on your goals
  • Bespoke course – specialist courses, designed for your individual request
  • Format: in groups and individual classes
  • Work with local teachers and native speakers
  • Face-to-face and/or online classes
  • Speaking clubs with native speakers
  • One-day training events and workshops run by an experienced specialist from the UK

More about corporate training here.

Upon special request, we are ready to prepare a Bespoke course, as well as conduct training for your team.

Examples of training here: