My name is Julia Gerasymenko, for more than a decade my team and I have been teaching business professionals from different companies how to communicate fluently in a wide range of foreign languages. So they will not only be able to communicate confidently, but to develop themselves professionally and personally, and achieve their goals.

In 2007, I founded Business Training Center because I saw how many people miss career and business opportunities. Which leads in the end professionals missing out on becoming top managers just because they do not know foreign languages, and organizations stuck at national level unable able to expand into the international market. All these years we were and are developing in corporate sector only, training different clients – Large Multinationals or Ukrainian SMEs.

Our expertise is the best in Ukraine. My vision is the company’s vision and I am heavily involved in the day to day running of the key aspects of the organization. We are always developing and growing as I hold the team to the highest possible standards.


We strive to enable clients to communicate and represent their business anywhere in the world without language barriers.


Trust. We believe that only by trusting each other, we can help our clients. Indeed, without faith in one’s own strengths, it is impossible to achieve high results.

Professionalism. By training teams of the highest ranks of large companies, we understand how important our professionalism is. That is why we are continuously learning and developing.

Quality. Our clients are happy to recommend us to their colleagues and partners. And this is the best indicator of the quality of our services!

Професійність. Тренуючи команди найвищих щаблів найбільших компаній, ми розуміємо, яку надважливу роль відіграє наша професійність. Саме тому ми безперервно навчаємося і розвиваємося.

Якість. Наші клієнти охоче рекомендують нас своїм колегам та партнерам. І це є найкращим показником якості наших послуг!


We are a team of educated, creative, passionate young people from different parts of the world driven by the same idea, shared common mission and an incredible passion for teaching foreign languages.

The successful synergy of the achievements of our managers and language mentors is evidenced in the high results and achievements of each of our clients.

We keep to the high standards on every step of your learning journey and love what we do endlessly. That is why we are waiting for you at Business Training Center for the achievement of the most daring goals, which do not know any barriers and obstacles!


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